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Monday, 30 December 2013

Panettone Havoc

L decided that he wanted to start a new tradition this Christmas and the recipe included Panettone. Normally I'd just pop out and buy one, but we had just watched The Great British Bakeoff Christmas Masterclass and Paul Hollywood had made one, so we carefully read the recipe and got baking!

You can find the recipe here - but just be sure to allow lots of time for resting and follow all of the instructions! We didn't have a panettone tin (which is a really tall cake tin) so we improvised and cooked it in a pudding bowl - i put paper up the sides so it could rise, but we had a little issue with the collapsing panettone. L rescued it by chopping the top off and cooking seperately - crisis averted! 

Here's how we got on...

Clockwise from top left: using dough hooks for the first time; stirring; cutting that first slice; fresh baked Panettone with jam and tea

Find out how our new Christmas breakfast tradition of Panettone French Toast went in my next post.

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