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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Upcycling havoc

A few weeks ago my lovely neighbour was having a spring clean. She was getting rid of a little pine side table and asked if I wanted it. I went to say no, cause (no offence lovely neighbour!) it was really nothing to look at. But then the arty part of my brain made me bring it home.

So I took a trip to a hardware store and purchased the brightest sample pot of pink paint  I could find (Little Greene, Leather 191 if you're interested), some black, and a glossy clear top coat. Check out the results below.

After this little project, I've discovered a few local second hand markets and shops, and with plenty of black paint leftover, stay tuned!

The pine table before and working out some decoration
My handywork after! The zig zags aren't exactly straight or even... shhh don't tell!

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