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Monday, 7 May 2012

Bedroom havoc

Came home from an amazing holiday visiting my gorgeous sister, her hubby and my brand new nephew, to find our bedroom looking all brand spanking new! Carpet had been installed whilst I was away and what a difference it makes! No more wearing shoes around the house and dodging the old carpet spikes (attractively covered over with cardboard and tape!)

But it was a long time coming... check the pics to see our progress.

Before the old cupboard was re-plastered

Hole to be patched up where our builder came through from the bathroom - oops!

Do I like the colour?

Nicely plastered... now let's wait a week for it to dry!

Colour going on... and some decoration along the way

L - the roller master

What we found when we ripped the carpet up - lovely

And after... with our gorgeous carpet installed

Pic to be hung - we can't bear to put holes in our freshly painted walls just yet

Tea chests for my bedside table

My side - Princess Sparkle the My Little Pony, and L's side - Han Solo 1977 original

So that's the latest... more to come shortly, as the hallway and lounge room are both almost done - just waiting on lighting and a few bits of furniture before I show it off to the world!

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