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Monday, 21 May 2012

Baking havoc

Steering away from renovations slightly, I thought I'd share my weekend of baking havoc. I designed the flyers for the local Hither Green Week and thought I'd quite like to have a stall in the local food, arts and craft fair which opened the week of festivities. I decided to undertake... with lots of help from my sister, D, selling things like cupcakes, brownies, lamingtons, injure-bread men (injured gingerbread men - proceeds went to GOSH) and pupcakes - puppy-friendly cupcakes! (proceeds to South East London RSPCA)

We both booked a Friday off work and spent 10 hours sifting, stirring, baking and icing a LOT of baked goods! And also, for fun, hyping up the lamingtons (an Aussie specialty) on Twitter which a few local residents were a little bit excited about!

Here are a few pics of the day, the flyer and also a link to my cooking blog "Surfing the Silver Spoon" which goes into a little more detail of the carrot cake we baked.

L-R: A few ingredients; icing the famous lamingtons; a lot of washing up; sparkly cupcakes; D taking biscuits out of the oven; lamingtons; injure-bread men; our stall; looking out at the fair; our resident bunny; and a satisfied customer!

Hither Green week flyer - had lots of fun designing it!


  1. You guys were fantastic!

    You did such a good job!

    And despite the 10+ hours baking (?!), you clearly didnt make enough- you sold out SO early!

    Nice chatting to you both!

    1. Thanks so much! We had such a great day - wish we could do it more often. Really appreciate your kind words! xo