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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Living room havoc

This is the one room that has been livable for the longest, yet I've left it til almost last to post about. 

Reason being, it's my favourite room in the flat and I wanted it to be near perfect. You see, this is the room that sold me on the whole flat... the minute I walked in I knew we had to have this place. Put simply - it's huge (well for a London flat it is!). It is also bright, airy and a lovely spot to be - and that was before we'd done any work to the place! 

Just when we were about to paint, we thought we'd just take off the picture rails and plug the small holes with filler... all went well til about 5cm into taking the picture rails off and big chunks of wall started to come out with the nails. So instead of just a quick paint, we ended up getting the whole room replastered. We also had to get the builder to re-align the fireplace cause when we took off the fake wooden fireplace surround we discovered that the fireplace was no where near square to the chimney breast!

So here you have it...

Clockwise from top: The empty space; the wall after we cleverly took off the picture rails; plastering during; fireplace remodelled; the wonky, off-centre fireplace; the fireplace surround and reason why we found out it was covered up

Left to right: Lounge room; my sewing nook; bookcase; the much agonised over light fittings; a new candle holder and precious red vase; new fireplace and artwork; my beloved chest and treasures on top of it; bookcase detail; a few of my favourite photos including my parents wedding day (top left), a fun day out at Hampstead (top right) and a picture from my wedding day of me and my mum (below); lounge room from doorway.

"These are a few of my favourite things"
  • Lamp from but looks like it's sold out
  • My purple sewing machine - similar model from John Lewis  
  • My much agonised over lights are from Rocket St George. I love the funky light bulbs and the industrial shades
  • The artwork of the Star Wars haircuts is from Nelly Duff
  • My black globe was a present for Christmas - have wanted one forever! It's also from Rocket St George

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