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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Garden havoc

We have a loooong, very skinny garden... it's pretty much not been touched for... uhh... goodness knows how long! It's overgrown, full of weeds, and we've now discovered, bulbs! And the shed is wonky and full of stuff that we 'acquired' when we moved in.

So one very frosty Saturday we had some green thumbed friends volunteer to come around and help us attack the gardening (but a certain baby sister had to be bribed with the promise of Champagne and Mulled wine!). We had such an amazing day, with bubbly, beer, ale and a hot meal at the end. Everyone was champions and we got so much done before it got dark (and started to snow!). Even the puppies helped with the digging!

Unfortunately though, due to adverse weather conditions an "after" photo is going to have to be posted once the snow melts!

We can't thank our green thumbed friends enough - the garden looks really amazing now! Very excited to see what sort of bulbs come through when spring springs!

Check out the progress here...

Before... overgrown, a lot of leaves and ivy taking over!

During... a proper working bee with a bucket full of beer and bubbly (no ice required!). The puppies helped dig too!

After... all covered in snow! I promise to add a proper "after" shot later on.

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